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To help you find the perfect items to use in your RV renovation projects, I’m listing out the products we used in each room of the RV.

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Every Room Items

Fireplace and entertainment center with white trim and light gray walls.

Rather than listing these items on every photo, here’s a list of the products used throughout every room for prepping and painting.



Kitchen with white trim and light gray walls.

This kitchen is so big and bright and open now, with all the light colors and improved storage space. I bought the table and chairs set from someone off of Facebook Marketplace. Other items upgraded are:


Living Room

Couch and bookshelf with bright white trim and light gray walls.

This couch is my pride and joy. We designed and built it from scratch. I used as many reclaimed cushions/filling as possible from the old couch that needed to be replaced, keeping much of it out of the landfill. Keep an eye out for my DIY tutorial on how to build your own custom couch!

Other items we purchased for this space include:

Two desks in a room with white trim and light gray walls.

We removed the couch and replaced it with two fantastic work-from-home desk spaces.



Bed in a room with white trim and light gray walls.

The main improvement in the bed slide was getting the big window valence boxes off and lightening everything up with light paint colors. There’s a custom sewn curtain on the end wall (off the side of the photo). We also added:


The bedroom storage is significantly brighter with light colored paint and a new storage unit.

We removed the original dresser and one of the closets (with mostly unusuable space) to be upgraded:


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