Jessa Green

Hello, and welcome to my website!

I am a business process engineer and data specialist with over 20 years of experience across various realms of IT. I am adept at mapping process flows, identifying key areas for improvements, creating a plan for system and technology changes, and designing automations to reduce waste and increase growth for a wide variety of business clients.

Oh, and did I also mention I renovate RVs into gorgeous tiny homes? Let’s just say my three favorite things are being organized, improving processes, and tiny homes on wheels—in that order. Feel free to poke around the site to see what I’ve been up to.

Improvement Specialist in a Pandemic

I’d been running my IT Consulting Business for about 8 years before COVID appeared. I did no marketing and very little networking to find new clients, as most everyone came through word of mouth from previous clients who were delighted with the results of my process improvements in their businesses.

I was beginning to feel burned out…

…from wearing all of the hats in my business. I really wanted to focus all my time and energy on my expertise: honing in on process issues and weaknesses and creating efficient and effective solutions. Instead, I was spending many of my working hours on sales, marketing, accounting, HR, and all the other tasks a small business owner must do.

Then the pandemic hit.

My wife’s job required a lot of travel, but with new flight restrictions in place, we decided to take the leap into the full-time RV lifestyle. This allowed us to travel together while social distancing—AND we got the opportunity to live in amazing parks like Grand Canyon in Arizona, Grand Teton in Wyoming (with a visit to Yellowstone), and many others. The downside was that RV-living in national parks often meant limited cell service and mobile data—often our only means for internet connectivity. It became clear I would not be able to serve my clients at the high level of consistency and reliability that was a hallmark of my business, so I made the difficult decision to transition out of my business altogether. Over several months, I worked with one of my primary contractors, whose work I highly respected and trusted, to slowly transition each of my clients to her business for ongoing maintenance of systems and support as I completed their process improvement projects.

Improving Life in an RV.

No longer chained to my computer for more than 10 hours a day, I needed a project to dig into, some issues to resolve and processes to improve – so I dove into RV renovations, giving not one but two RVs a complete makeover while we lived in them. You can check those out here on the website.

Put me in, Coach!

Recently my wife has been given the opportunity to reduce travel, so we’re able to return to a “bricks and sticks” home, rather than one on wheels. And now that I’m back in a space of high speed internet, I am eager to pour my energy and expertise for improving processes into a company who’s seeking a motivated and self-starting business process engineer.