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Tired of the Status Quo?

Is Your Inner Black Sheep Suffocating?

What inspiration have you been putting off for “someday when the time is right”?

Well, that time is RIGHT NOW!

– Jessa Green

The True You Revolution

Take on an inner-revolution to break free from the status quo that’s been slowly suffocating you.

Jessa offers both a 5-day mini-course and a full 6-week workshop combining neuroscience, psychology, and a little bit of “woo” to create massive shifts and transformations in your life, altering your reality to free your inner black sheep, to let the True You loose in the world!

It ultimately boils down to having FUN, being INSPIRED and connecting with an incredible COMMUNITY of others who are on this adventure with you – ensuring your success!

Ready for a Revolution?

As a globe trekking digital nomad and a lifelong nerd, Jessa enjoys reading philosophy, neuroscience and psychology in her spare time and prefers to date women over men. This brief description alone seems so far off the beaten path, she decided to create a space to connect with others who are unique, to band together a community of people who have left the status quo and seek understanding.


Unique, but Not Alone

The Tech in my Pocket

With nearly two decades of work in various technology realms, Jessa is a well-rounded geek. What she loves most is training entrepreneurs and nonprofits on how to best use online tools to grow their business and their impact in the world.

She works with WordPress, building websites and offering excellent trainings to ensure her clients are as self-sufficient as they desire, fully able to grow their lists, offer and sell online courses and engage with their communities online.

If you are in need of immediate tech coaching or support, you can hire Jessa now for one-on-one tech time. This time can be used for any tech support or training you need from PC cleanup to website assistance. Jessa is The Tech in YOUR Pocket 🙂

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